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The Hyperspacial Energy Receiver





The Power to access Archetypal Energies is now available!


Archetypal Energies are what we at Protonic Creations call "Source Level Energies". They are, in fact, the Original Energy Patterns from which all things originate!


In times past, Archetypal Energies were called gods and many would petition them for Power and favorable outcomes. Now, we understand that Archetypal Energies are Universal Blueprints from which all that is seen and unseen is created.


Archetypal Energies are the original Universal Patterns of Life and Creation!


In essence, Archetypal Energies are the "Alpha" or First Energies representing the creation of everything that exists. When harnessed, these Energies enable you to create and control situations and events ... anything you could possibly imagine already exists as an Archetypal Energy.


Now, with the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver, you can effectively and powerfully access the Source Level Energy (Archetype) of your choice at any time and materialize that Energy into your life!





The Hyperspacial Energy Receiver contains unique Ultra Energetic Encoding (programming) which enables you to receive (pull  in) Archetypal Energies into your personal energy matrix.


When you receive Archetypal Energies, you transform your energy signature so that it powerfully resonates with your chosen Archetypal Energy! You BECOME the Fulfillment of your chosen goal!


The Hyperspacial Energy Receiver enhances your energy matrix so that you can fully embody the Source Level Energy of your desire! It releases specific energetic information into your personal etheric environment (aura) in order to prepare you for the Higher Level Empowerment that the Archetypal Energies bestow!


Merely by focusing on your goal or desire you automatically connect (form an energetic bridge) to the Source Level Energy (Archetype) of the actual fulfillment of that goal or desire.


The Hyperspacial Energy Receiver automatically tunes into your chosen Archetypal Energy -  it does so at the speed of thought -  it allows you to change Archetypal Energies (through focused intent) at any time ... or, makes it so that you Resonate with multiple Source Level Energies at once! 


This process is what the ancients were referring to when they would say they used the "power of the gods"! The "gods" they spoke of were in fact Universal Archetypal Energies!





The following is the core concept of how the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver works:



We all have a unique personal energy signature - much like an "energy fingerprint". Your energy matrix is one of a kind -  it is in fact the real you. Whatever affects your life and affairs must first interact with your energy matrix. When you combine an Archetypal Energy with your personal energy matrix this process, by extension, automatically affects ALL aspects of your Life.


A good way to think of the process of receiving Archetypal Energies is to compare it with downloading information from the internet. With The Hyperspacial Energy Receiver you are in fact "downloading" powerful energetic information from the universe at the Source Level.


Think of the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver as a super energetic software program which works with your "hardware" (your hardware being your personal energy matrix) in order to powerfully link and totally integrate with Archetypal Energies on all levels of your being!


Whatever affects your personal energy extends outward and affects all aspects of your life!


Through this process you become ONE with the actual fulfillment of your intended outcome. All you need do is focus on your goal, desire, or wish and you will automatically achieve a complete connection to the actual Source Level Vibration of the fulfillment of your intent!





The Hyperspacial Energy Receiver is an incredible instrument for empowerment! Unique energetic information enables you to easily attain complete access to the creative "blueprints" of the universe - the original universal patterns of life and creation themselves.


The potential to vastly improve your life and empower yourself is phenomenal and can now be yours. Create the life which you have always wanted!


The Hyperspacial Energy Receiver is created using modified versions of both our proprietary Full Spectrum Orgone (FSO) Generating Formulation and Energetic INFUSION Encoding Process in order to harness Universal Level Archetypal Energies for your benefit and empowerment!


The gold-plated brass Hyperspacial Energy Receiver has an attached loop, as shown, so that you may wear it with a chain or cord of your choice.


* Instructions for fully harnessing the power attainable with the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver are included with purchase.





Samples of our Client Testimonials



 - Using your Hyperspacial Energy Receiver is really exciting! It feels like I'm adding some 

    type of power or energy to myself. It's hard to describe. All I know is that my life has 

    improved since I started using it. I guess that's all that really matters. I just wanted to 

    express my gratitude to you for making something like this available.



 - I've had great success with The Receiver! I also bought your Psion Prime and have found

    The Receiver to complement it wonderfully!



 - Your Hyperspacial Receiver is amazing! After a short time, I have managed to correct 

    many wrongs in my life and add real value to my relationships and general dealings. I feel

    quite fortunate to have found your website!   



 - Because of your RECEIVER creation, I live in the flow now. Not only have major

    changes happened at my job and at home, I've changed too! I'm not the same person

    anymore. I'm better than ever!    






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