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Unparalled Power of the Highest Order

Extreme Vital Force Energy







If you're looking for Supreme Etheric Power - The Ultra Full Spectrum Orgone, Massive Force Imbuing, Life Matrix Transforming Causal Chamber is it!


The Causal Chamber imbues you with what we have termed Massive Force which grants you the etheric substance and energetic capacity to create whole worlds within your world - powerfully directing your life along the path of your greatest desires!


Actualities of the most complex nature can be fully established and made energetically stable! Never before has anything of this extreme magnitude been made available.


Materialization of the Highest Order is now possible!





The Causal Chamber is by far the most powerful and empowering Protonic Creation!


Previously, our most powerful Creation was the Psion Prime and when it comes to top level empowerment The Psion Prime is still an excellent choice. Having said that however the Causal Chamber is something else entirely.


The Causal Chamber is an Ultimate Level Energetic Creation!





The Causal Chamber represents completely new advancements in our proprietary energetic processes and is constructed in part using a very special variation of our Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation called the Ultra FSO Formulation  This translates to far greater empowerment for you!  



The Causal Chamber is constructed of heavy weight, solid brass alloy which has undergone an advanced level of the Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process - this unique process profoundly affects the brass alloy on a sub atomic level making that which is physical express the etheric. [See our Learn More section for further information on our proprietary FSO Formulation and Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process]


The Chamber's alloy completely resonates with and fully harnesses the constant ambient, abundant etheric energy which is ever present yet seldom able to be utilized.


This feature in and of itself makes The Causal Chamber a massively powerful source of incalculable etheric energy.


The Causal Chamber is an energetically vibrating, ultra potent creation that becomes a living, pulsing organ of the etheric body which is your life! The Chamber not only interacts with your personal energy system, it goes far beyond - automatically affecting your entire life matrix.  


The Causal Chamber is a point of power in the universe!



Creating the Causal Chamber is a painstaking process which involves arming it with what can be called a rudimentary sentience and general energetic autonomy.


For the first time ever - a Protonic Creation with an Astral Assistant built into its Energetic Infusion Encoding!


An Astral Assistant is an "intelligent" energy which is created in order to carry out specific tasks. In and of itself, an Astral Assistant has no innate intelligence. Very much like a computer program, an Astral Assistant can be "programmed" to function as needed. It gains a type of intelligence from its programming. [For a more information on Astral Assistants, visit our Learn More section]


Your Astral Assistant has the capacity to energetically "break itself up" into as many aspects or portions as you need in order to fulfill several wishes all at once. This is achieved with just a simple mental command.





The Causal Chamber creates an absolutely self contained, dimensional, vacuum like, supremely energetic environment that directly and profoundly affects the foundational energy structure of your reality!


The end effect is the transformation of your life - systematically affecting every aspect you focus on!





The space within the Causal Chamber becomes an independent pocket dimension which automatically and completely links with the entire energetic signature of whatever is placed within it. In other words, any intent, in any form, placed within the Causal Chamber is immediately energetically saturated down to the most fundamental level. Then, the fulfillment of that intent is automatically integrated into the etheric matrix structure of your world!


This very unique energetic process creates stable, lasting and supremely energized materializations or what we call - Life Structures.  


When it comes to unadulterated, extreme power - the Causal Chamber has no equal!





The ancients constructed chambers of power which were said to grant psychic abilities and allow communication with other worlds.


The hyper energized Causal Chamber is reminiscent of the exalted chambers of ancient times yet so much more effective, mobile and powerful!


The ancients did not have the Ultra Full Spectrum Orgone Energy Formulation , Energetic Infusion Encoding or Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process -  only we do. [See our Learn More glossary of terms for more on these very unique energetic processes]


The Causal Chamber is supreme in form and energetic function. A completely distinct and enhanced level of Infusion encoding and etheric imprinting is used to hyper program the Causal Chamber.


This set of energetic encoding is reserved for the Causal Chamber alone, as only a Creation of this ultimate power level could energetically accommodate it.








The Causal Chamber is directly linked to the complete etheric energy signature of solar energy itself, therefore the Chamber energetically expresses pure, powerful, unstoppable - Etheric Solar Force!


The ancients used the etheric power of the sun to multiply and empower their prayers - entire dynasties were created through the use of Etheric Solar Force.


Direct this tremendous dynamic power toward anything you    desire in order to empower your life in the most potent manner!


Etheric Solar Force combined with the Full Spectrum Orgone Energy generated by the Causal Chamber, working in concert with advanced Energetic Infusion Encoding and the vital effect produced by the Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process produces an unparalled energy profile.



The greatest etheric forces ever combined - expressing for your benefit and empowerment!




Although the Causal Chamber is unique enough to be used as a center piece in your home or office do not mistake it for a work of art - it is in fact, a work of power.


The Causal Chamber is of a ritualistic and purposeful design much like an artifact which would be found on an altar in ancient times.


Do not expect the Causal Chamber to have the look or feel of a modern, store bought, factory produced item. The Causal Chamber is a rustic, rough, authentically handcrafted work of extreme power.





The Causal Chamber renders all "radionic boxes" obsolete!


The tremendous power and versatility of the Causal Chamber far surpasses radionic boxes or any other such device. There quite simply is absolutely nothing anywhere that even begins to approach the Causal Chamber's energetic stature!





The Causal Chamber is the only Protonic Creation other than the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver that has the capacity to access Archetypal Energies!


Archetypal Energies are the Original Universal Patterns of Life and Creation. They can also be thought of as Universal Blueprint Energies.


When harnessed, these energies enable you to create and control situations and events -  anything you could possibly imagine already exists as an Archetypal Energy available for you to access.


In essence, you are  adding the energy representing your desire into your very own life energy matrix and in this way, you express that specific energy into your life. Whatever you consistently express manifests in your life - as your life!


* The important difference with the Causal Chamber is that unlike the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver, The Causal Chamber is an ultimate level power source, which allows you to access and utilize Archetypal Energies on an infinitely grander scale.


We energetically added the unique ability of the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver to the Causal Chamber in order to provide you with an absolutely incredible energy array which you can use to create the life of your dreams!


The more etheric power you have at your disposal, the more quickly and easily you achieve your goals and desires - and the Causal Chamber is a source of ultimate level etheric power!


The ability to directly access Universal Archetypal Energies through the Causal Chamber's power structure grants you tremendous empowerment!





Imagine for a moment you enter the room where you have placed your Causal Chamber. You activate its Energetic Infusion Encoding with just a thought. Your Chamber responds and begins to increase its energy level beyond its vast normal range and your personal Astral Assistant is ready for your commands.


You mentally instruct your Astral Assistant to go forth into the ether and seek out anyone or anything that is needed to fulfill your desires.


Your Astral Assistant immediately goes forth per your specific instructions and begins the work of fulfilling your commands.


Nothing can stop or even slow down an Astral Assistant when it is powered by The Causal Chamber. It will work for you 24 hours a day, every day, until your desire is fulfilled!



Powered by the Causal Chamber, your Astral Assistant becomes a relentless energetic juggernaut !


And you will have your personal Astral Assistant energetically built into your Causal Chamber for you! No need for any rituals or meditation to activate it - your Astral Assistant will automatically respond to your intent with just a thought!


Whether you are wishing for the fulfillment of your goals and desires OR require 24 hour a day ultimate protection from psychic attack OR just want to develop your esoteric abilities for your greater empowerment - the Causal Chamber is exactly what you need!



The Causal Chamber grants you the absolute ultimate in multi-functional manifestation and energy manipulation.


Perform several energetic operations all at once - knowing you finally have all the etheric power you need for everything you wish.


Only the Causal Chamber contains the special Energetic Infusion Encoding and extreme Vital Force power which allows you supreme flexibility with your energy work!


It is now time for you to enter the ultimate level in energetic empowerment! Remove yourself from the treadmill of unfulfilled desires with the Causal Chamber!






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*** Optional Feature For Even Greater Empowerment  ***






A special transference capacity Psion Prime which is specifically made to energetically resonate with your personal Causal Chamber can be created as part of your Causal Chamber creation process so that you can take Etheric Power generated by your Chamber with you on the go!


This transference capacity Psion Prime is specially created for use with your specific Causal Chamber.


This special Psion Prime is equipped with unique energetic transference capabilities which enable it to transfer massive energies from your Causal Chamber directly to you for your personal use!


Always maintain a solid lock on your Power wherever you go while enjoying mobile flexibility!


Imagine - all of the power of a Psion Prime specially created with the additional unique ability to channel Etheric Power directly from your Causal Chamber to you!


When it comes to mobile energetic empowerment - there is nothing better or more powerful than this special combination!


The transference capacity Psion Prime and your Causal Chamber are the greatest energetic configuration anywhere!







For purchases outside the USA, please do not use the shopping cart.
Email desired items to
info@protoniccreations.com for an invoice.










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